The Best Trad Climbing In The UK

Pembroke’s sea cliffs have become legendary amongst the climbing community. They are a unique place with an unmatched charm. Pembroke is located in the south west of Wales, it boasts an abundance of outdoor activities and a diverse range of wild life. 

Nothing beats that feeling of climbing on the edge of the world in the sun with the seas swirling under you and endless amount of rock and quality routes to explore. Pembroke is home to the longest cliff in Britain and over 6000 recorded climbs. From slabs to overhangs, short single pitch to multipitch adventures, Diffs to E10’s, there really is something for every level of climber.

Pembrokeshire’s sea cliffs are both a dramatic and a serious place to climb. Despite there being many climbs in the lower grades many crags are affected by the tides and can often only be approached by abseiling in, which can make the climbs very committing. It is important to have all the skills required for sea cliff climbing and some ‘know how’ on how to fix any problems, should they occur. Why not book yourself onto a sea cliff climbing course or a self rescue course to ensure you have the skills to look after yourself and your partner.

No climbing career can be complete without sampling what most climbers consider to be the best Trad climbing in the UK.

Stay safe and have fun