Learn to Lead Climb Course

Learning to lead climb is when you become a ‘proper’ climber. It is the transition between climbing relying on safety ropes being pre-placed at the top, to being able to protect yourself whilst climbing without any pre-placed gear. This gives so much more freedom to the places you can climb and once mastered the possibility are endless. 

Learning lead climbing can be very daunting to beginners and it is important that these skills are taught properly. Our courses will give you the skills and confidence to get on the sharp end. The course will cover the key skills needed for ‘Trad’ climbing, all under the close supervision of our expert instructors.

Learn to lead courses will include:

  • Understanding Guide Books & Climbing Grades
  • Choosing The Right Route
  • Equipment Need For Lead Climbing
  • Placing Protection
  • Building Belays
  • Rope-work Skills
  • Lead Climbing Tactics

Key Facts

  • All equipment can be provided
  • Low ratio’s give you the most amount of time to learn
  • Max Ratio 1:3
  • This course is for people that have some climbing experience and can already ‘tie on’ and belay
No. of peoplerate per person, per day
2 - 3£80

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