Multi Pitch Climbing

Take your climbing to the next level…literately.  Multi-Pitch climbing allows climber’s to conquer the highest cliffs, scale the biggest mountains. Single pitch climbing relies on being able to reach the top within one rope length and can limit the number of places you can climb and the routes open to you. Once mastered, multi-pitch climbing gives you the freedom to climb any routes no matter how big or small.

Multi-Pitch cliffs can, by their very nature be more committing. To operate safely in this environment will require a higher level of skill and technique. It is important to have the skills for looking after yourself and your partner and course be able to get your self off if things start to go wrong.

Multi Pitch Climbing Courses can include:

  • Understanding Guide Books & Climbing Grades
  • Choosing The Right Route
  • Equipment Need For Multi Pitch Climbing
  • Placing Protection
  • Choosing & Building Belays
  • Rope-work Skills
  • Retreating from Multi Pitch Crags
  • Lead Climbing Tactics

Multi Pitch Climbing CourseKey Facts

  • All equipment can be provided
  • Low ratio’s give you the most amount of time to learn
  • Ratio 1:2
  • This course is for people that have some climbing experience and can already ‘tie on’ and belay
  • Locations available in Pembrokeshire & Snowdonia
No. of peoplerate per person

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