Self Rescue and Advanced Rope Work Courses

Fortunately things don’t go wrong very often in climbing but when they do you need the skills to be able to look after you and your partner. Having an understanding and having practice some key improvised rescue skills could make a big difference to a difficult situation. 

This is for more experienced climbers wanting to learn the skills to avoid and fix problems. The content of the course would be matched to your needs and type of environment that you normally climb in.

Among others bespoke to your requirements, topics can include:

  • Tying Off Belays
  • Escaping The System
  • Hoisting
  • Rescuing An Unconscious Casualty
  • Abseil/lower Past A Knot
  • Escaping From Sea Cliffs

Climbing Rescue courseKey Facts

  • For climbers who have learnt the basics of lead climbing
  • All equipment can be provided
  • Low ratio’s give you the most amount of time to learn
No. of PeopleRate per person, per day

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