RockUp-Climbing 2014 Highlights

It’s been a great year, introducing a range of different people to the brilliant climbing that’s on offer in Pembrokeshire. We have enjoyed meeting families, guiding beginner and advanced climbers, running technical courses and just having a great time on real rock.

Check out our video showing the highlights from 2014. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we had fun making it, looking back at the happy smiley faces of our customers enjoying their climbing experience.

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A behind the scenes look at DMM and how climbing hardware is made

IMG_0267DMM tour1On Friday I was lucky enough to join a small group of fellow mountain instructors on a factory tour of the Climbing hardware manufacturer, DMM. The only UK based climbing hardware manufacturer. Climbing equipment has always fascinated me, so I was very excited at the opportunity to see how all that shiny gear, that I use nearly everyday, gets made and tested.

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5 Top Tips For Choosing A Pair Of Climbing Shoes

rock climbing shoesWith the rubber on my climbing shoes wearing very thin, it is now time to go shopping for a new pair! Always happy about the prospect of shopping for new climbing equipment, but starting the process has made me realise how many different types of climbing shoes are now out there on the market. Over recent years, climbing shoe development has been brilliant, with a wide variety available. So, we thought it would be a great opportunity to pop down a few RockUp-Climbing tips on what to look for when buying climbing shoes.

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